Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Midpoint Music Festival: Segway Room

Next week we're playing @ the segway room! - 8pm

Sept. 24th 2009

The Segway Room
8:00 - The Sleeping Sea
9:00 - The Daredevil Christopher Wright
10:00 - Culture Queer
11:00 - Lightning Love

Here's what Citybeat said in their latest issue:

This engaging trio concocts its truly unique sound by subtly embedding elements of Folk, World and Tropical music into its strangely melodic mix. The Sleeping Sea would appeal to so-called ‚Freak Folk, fans, but they truly sound like nothing you've ever heard before. Trippy, sometimes creepy and always haunting, this is one Sea you won't mind being lost at.
Dig: Fleet Foxes with broader influences, Animal Collective's twisted sense of Pop music. "

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ghost In the Piano Room

Here's the release that everyone's been
voice boxing over...

abakar paused